Group Coaching

I truly believe in being able to be inclusive, and yet I found myself in a level of frustration with that as my time is extremely limited and my hourly fee which is in between £325 and £780 is not accessible for everyone and it can also feel quite scary investing in yourself. This is why I wanted to create affordable coaching within a group dynamic. It may be a complete flop, or a huge success, either way, I am able to give back, manage my time, and hopefully help people to mentally grow. 

The group sessions will not give the same results as the 1:1 coaching sessions as the 1:1 sessions we are able to your mind on a much deeper level and completely shift any limiting belief, pain, and issue we have specific to each individual. It bloody amazing and gives direct results, getting straight to the cause of the issues and eliminating them as we work.

However, the group coaching will help with day to day feelings of worry, panic, anxiety, mental blocks and everything in between. They are the solution to gradually start shifting negative patterns and will give you a powerful taster to just how impressive and dominant our mind is.   

Someone asked “Would this not devalue your brand and value?” My answer “No, it is part of who i am and my brand, i have been in the situation where i didn’t even have 20p in my bank, something like this would have propelled my journey by a country mile. I believe in being inclusive, not exclusive” 

Hopefully this will strengthen my brand.

Everybody's talking about Jessica...

Jessica is a very special person, and a very capable business woman and mother.  I feel we have made a very special connection. We totally understand and get one another. I hope we have a very long and beautiful friendship.

- Maggie Oliver

I have been to quite a few of Jessica's beautifully created events and spent time with Jessica on a personal and professional level. she is fabulous, inclusive and eloquent. It is always a pleasure spending time with her, i am always left feeling energized and inspired.

- Tonia Buxton

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