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 START DATE: 8th APRIL @ 7:30PM 

*Please note, if there are any dates you can not come onto the training , you are able to access footage. All footage will also be sent to you after the course, for you to be able to recap. 

After the huge success from our first “The Art of Public Speaking ” workshop, we have decided to run another one – ONLINE and over three weeks. However, you will have access to the content for life. .

We discovered most people have a story or a skill that is worth sharing with the world, yet they lack the knowledge or confidence on being able to present it to people who should hear it.

Many people shy away from public speaking due to the fear of failure, not being good enough, not knowing what to do, or lacking in structure and confidence in being able to deliver an engaging presentation.

When the truth in the matter is, nearly all of us are more than capable of doing just the above, the only tools we need are structure, confidence and the art of public speaking.

Jessica has spoken in front of small, intimate groups of 15, at large scale events of up to 1500 attendees, corporate dinners, pitches to companies such as Tesco PLC, and on National television.

Due to her vast experience in a number of different types of public speaking opportunities, Jessica has learnt what type of format works for each type of opportunity.


The Art of Public Speaking will show you:


  • How to build a personal brand and authority.
  • How to generate leadS.
  • How to format and structure a presentation.
  • How to price yourself.


  • How to use your body language to add impact.
  • How to engage your audience.
  • How to maximise each opportunity (from building social proof, to utilising your audience, and everything in between).
  • How to build confidence and rid anxiety.


  • The method for speaking opportunities on TV
  • The method for speaking opportunities on Radio
  • How to pitch yourself 
  • How to create live video content for webinars and group live sessions.


  • How to create your own event to speak at and generate an income. (Just like this one, online and offline)

Everything you need to learn and know to become a confident and successful public speaker, Jessica will show you 

This is an extremely limited group to ensure on live training Jessica is able to answer any questions can be answered and that every person participating understands the full process of The Art Of Public speaking and feels confident in generating leads.

If you follow the process, we guarantee you will make back your investment on this workshop.


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