A bit about our Jessica.

What can we say about our Jessica? Well, a good start would be, when you work with her, she is your person. Your go to, your sidekick, and the light in your darkness.

Jess brings out the best version of yourself.


Jessica has this extraordinary, yet magical belief in people. She sees their ideas and their dreams, no matter how mad, bizarre or crazy they are, she gets it. From her experiences, Jess has learned that nobody knows a person better than they know themselves, and that is something that needs to be respected.

She knows that anything and everything is possible because she has created possibilities where there were none.  Overcoming adversity and hardship and starting two business that made six figures in their first year, all whilst raising her children and both of which were created for zero money, not even a penny, but from an idea and the self belief she had the grit to make shit (to put it bluntly) happen.

Her job, when you choose to work with her is to help you get to the end goal, the gold at the end of the rainbow.  To help you create and understand personal and business strategies that will give you balance. And we all know that feeling of spinning plates and not really knowing what to do to get the next step in your business.

You know that saying:

“Give a man a fish he will eat for a day, give him a rod he will eat for life” 

Well, that is all well and good, but have you ever tried using one of those bloody things or tried fishing in general? Jess will give you the fish to taste, the rod to use and lastly, the skill set to actually catch the fish.

Most people are scared to do something new, whether that is to start a business, buy clothes outside their comfort zone, put themselves on a dating website….or whatever it is. Most people believe that they are not good enough or unworthy of greatness. Jessica went from having everything to losing everything and hitting rock bottom.  But she rose, and she rose high. Wiping away her tears, and realigning her crown, she put on her hiking boots and climbed that mountain to look down on the glorious view of success – and she did it from nothing except grit, drive, and determination….something we all possess.

The answer to success is your mindset.

Once you experience an extraordinary mindset, it is difficult to go back to an average Joe mindset. Yes, there may be days you have a Debbie Downer, but you will always be drawn back up to greatness because you will have experienced self-belief, broken through mind block barriers and have been given the taste of freedom away from the rat race.


“Everything is started with an idea, a desire and ones own belief to succeed” 

– Jessica Cunningham 

We are never going to know who we are or what we like unless we try new things. Unless we try things that scare us. 

Fortune favours the brave for a reason because too many people are scared to even try. 

If you have got to this part of the page, then that is a good sign. It means that you are either as nosy as I am, or that you are curious about how I can help you to become the best version of yourself.

I am a mother of four, and I know that motherhood does not stop you doing what you want to do. Yes, it can make things that little bit more difficult, but if you want something bad enough you find a way, or you find excuses. I work because I love that feeling of supporting my family, I’m addicted to that feeling of feeling like superwoman….after coffee obvs… I enjoy ticking my to do list off. I get stuff done. Ok, not the housework. the housework I do not get the housework done.

However, I work around the time I have. I have learned to listen to my body, my intuition, and my mind. They have been my greatest teachers. I know that we can have it all, but not when we are drained, lack focus, lack energy and lack motivation. If we do things purely for money, it will drain us, if we do things we love, we won’t have to work.

I love a lot of things and I believe it’s ok not to have a passion until you find your passion, or not. For me, working on a project to project basis, was how I thrived. My career journey has given me many invaluable skills from a resilient work ethic, expertise in PR, Marketing and Media Work, the clear understanding on  Strategy building and what success takes in both a professional and personal situation

If you want to work around your family, have a six-figure idea and want to well, to be blunt, live your best life (I love that saying as cheesy as it is). Then trust me when I say, the fact you are curious and the fact you have taken that little bit of action to read this, you should know that you are already in the minority. The minority is a great place to be.

Let’s work together. Get in touch and check out a few previous projects.

Jess x

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What everyone is saying...

Jessica created a gorgeous  event and i had a great evening and a great time. Looking forward to being part of more in the future.

- Jessica Wright 

Jessica has an infectious personality, she brings a great energy, is fun and easy to work with.  I have worked with Jessica a few times and every single time she brings out the best version of me.

- Kieron Richardson

Jessica is a very special person, and a very capable business woman and mother.  I feel we have made a very special connection. We totally understand and get one another. I hope we have a very long and beautiful friendship.

- Maggie Oliver

A massive thank you to Jess for her recent social media workshop support! Jess was an inspirational speaker at our ‘Ambitions’ Programme induction week, advising year 1 College students about the importance of managing your social media profile, and how social media can help you get in touch with employers and source jobs.

Jess’s energy had our students engaged throughout the sessions, and we look forward to inviting her in soon to follow up as the programme progresses.

She even created a short video for students that introduced an ‘Apprentice’ focused team building task. Thanks Jess, and good luck with everything.

– Phil Ashton, Burnley College

Jess was professional, good fun, and easy to work with. I would definitely  work together again.

- Ant Middleton 

Jess is so much fun to work with, she puts you at ease and makes you feel like you have known her for years.

- Josie Gibson

Where to start? Since day one of meeting Jess after being recommended to her through another client, I honestly can't say enough about her. As mad as she is, it's all in a positive manner. She is buzzing daily and really makes you feel on top form. She literally is always available and very helpful in every sense. The team she presented me with has increased every part of my business, through getting me followers, driving traffic and also bringing good contacts my way.  I honestly wouldn't be where I am today, and progressing as well as I am, without the support of Jess. Just wanna say thank you, and I would honestly recommend her to anyone. Looking forward to a long working relationship.

- Andrew, Director, TT Fitnesswear

This girl is an explosion of positivity and energy, a total motivator for all of us out there who have sucked into the drain of the mundane!!

She has the wit and determination to turn life around again...she is a pleasure to work alongside and a faithful friend.

- Jenny Powell

I have been to quite a few of Jessica's beautifully created events and spent time with Jessica on a personal and professional level. She is fabulous, inclusive and eloquent. It is always a pleasure spending time with her, I am always left feeling energised and inspired.

- Tonia Buxton

Since working with Jess, we have enjoyed a fantastic service. Not only is the service hands on, Jess herself is full of energy and always updating you with the latest progress and news. We have seen a great return of our investment and have received new leads, recently signing up over ten new clients to our adult courses. Our social media has gone from strength to strength, attracting the interests of both celebrities and industry experts. I couldn't recommend Jess enough. Professional, enthusiastic and results driven, since engaging their services our business has never been in a stronger position

- Alex Frost, Aspire Education

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