”I was close to giving up. I love what I do… So much!!! But difficult clients and not making any money had me at my wits end. But you’ve given me the boost I needed to make the right changes and stick with it. So THANK YOU!!!”



to letting go of your money blocks AND accelerate your business AND create financial freedom.

Sound good?

We are in the second half of the year, have you met your financial and personal goals yet? The goals YOU set and promised

YOURSELF you would hit?

With 5 months left of 2019 are you going to become the person you said you would become in 2018? 


The time is NOW for you to start hitting YOUR goals,

and hitting them hard.

You deserve the life you desire. You deserve the money you desire. You deserve the business you desire. 

The only thing stopping your desires manifesting is you. Together,  will unblock and

release anything that does not serve you which is holding you back from absolutely SMASHING you financial and personal



The mistake I see almost all entrepreneurs make is, they forget the importance of, or just don’t know how to connect to energy.

They do not realise that if they focused first on their energy work, the work they desire would come easily and freely.

I see entrepreneur after entrepreneur concentrating on the next best marketing strategy, sales funnel or the

next best thing. Which always drains them and leaves them disheartened.


As a psychic, business mentor I practice and believe deeply in working with spirit, the universal laws, and the laws of flow and

energy. I know from a business perspective how important both strategy and connecting with spirit daily is.

I understand that when I work alongside spirit,  the Universe and God, how much easier it is to vibe high, and to be on the

frequency that is connected to money and sales. 

Before I start working on my business, I connect to spirit and work on my energy first and daily. Even with my 14

years experience that I have in sales, marketing, PR, Events, Branding and Media, I know the importance of energy work and

getting into alignment.


When I am in alignment, I am an open funnel for creator. 

When you become an open funnel, you become open to receiving downloads from spirits, and when you access more

downloads you also access more…..


I know there has been a time when everything seemed effortless, a time when money and work came easily.

You were in the flow and in the alignment of what you desired.


Money really can come freely and easily. 


Ask yourself, “Am I in a negative energetic field? Am I on the path of resistance?

When you are in resistance mode, you do not experience any form of abundance.


Has money and work stopped flowing easily? Are you consumed with stress, worry, fear, or scarcity? Do you feel stuck in a rut and don’t know which direction to take?

Are you ready to become an open funnel?


For the true entrepreneur that know they deserve six figures in their bank, but have lack in money, energy, motivation and the knowledge to push forward to success.

Join now for three free and easy steps that:

Double your sales. 

Learn how to tune into spirit so you can speak to your clients in a language they know, To make them ready to buy.

Manifest more money. 

Get clear on your goals, and watch the abundance flow.

Shift your energy.

Proven Shift Strategy for success.

Release money blocks.

Tap your way to financial freedom, proven formula to keep energy high and sales flowing.


If we don’t have a “get up and go” energy, we simply do not GET UP AND GO!!!

Once you combine business, energy, and spirit. You will have a business that thrives and will make



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