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he reason I believe this is so important is that you are only going to benefit from coaching if you are able to fully share what you truly desire without fear of judgment. This is where my strength absolutely lies. I have a real love of people, I love their stories, good or bad, people different characters…everything, I love being able to bring the best out in people, their true self.

My life experiences have taken me through some pretty amazing journeys and they have given me the skill set that I have today. My approach to business and to life is both holistic, and strategic.

I believe both in spirit, energy, and Universal magic the same as I believe in strategy, grit, determination, and drive. Both work in sync and beautifully if used together. My friend and psychic coach Tiffany Skirror taught me that.

I have been fortunate to work with seven-figure businesses on brand, sales and strategy campaigns and had the knowledge to start two six-figure businesses.

if you want to start or grow your business through the realms of Creative PR, Marketing, Growth strategies, Physical Events, National press, social media, and influences, this is my bag baby, and I’ll get you in it. I know how to start and develop brands, take them to launch and then how to market them….This is where the fun begins.

Whether you want to start a business or take your business to the level you desire, I can help and i want to help.

From a holistic viewpoint, my contentment and my happiness come from a much deeper level, material items just don’t have the same pull as they used to, that doesn’t mean we should love money, I love money and money loves me. Money gives us great energy. However, if we only do things for financial gain, it will drain us.

If we find something we love, it gives us energy and the money flows, and it flows in abundance.

“Jessica Was easy and proffesional to work with, I am looking forward to working togethr again and being part of future project”

– Ant Middleton

SAS Who dares wins

Social Media

I love social media, i love working wioth brands on campaigns and i also love helping brands looking for influencers to work with.

I love my social media community and i make sure I engage with comments, followers and messages.

This is why i believe i have grown a loyal community, which i love! Yey!

My story views receive anywhere from 8000 – 13,000 views, My average comments are at 45 and my likes average at 1200.

I feel so fortunate to be able to have a voice and i make sure i use my voice wisely.

 Brands I have worked with include Volkswagen, co-op, Lidl, Lyclear, Naked Wines, Gousto, Little Freddie, Therma Pen, Made For Mums, Thinx and so many more amazing brands. 



This girl is an explosion of positivity and energy and a total motivator for all of us out there who have sucked into the drain of the mundane!!

She has the wit and determination to turn life around again…she is a pleasure to work alongside and a faithful friend.

– Jenny Powell


I love PR and there are so many strings to that bow. 

I use many different elements of PR to gain brand exposure, National Press or Celebrity endorsements for my clients. There are so many different and magical parts to a successful PR campaign. PR is getting somebody else, and somebody credible to shout about you. 

Over the past 12 years, I have had the pleasure to meet and work with so many incredible people from successful entrepreneurs,  journalists, editors, celebrities, influencers to storytellers of the most interesting form. 

PR is fantastic to building a strong and reliable reputation, for raising brand awareness and kick starting your sales funnel. 


Jessica Created a gorgeous evening and event and i had a great time. Looking forward to being part of more in the future.

– Jessica Wright 


 Whether you are wanting to create an our door cinema, a huge day party, an event that will grab the attention of National press and celebrity or any other type of event that is in your minds eye. I can assist you, I have over 10 years experience in event management and creation.

Our main focus are influencer and celebrity events, which are a really intimate and social gathering, that are host to around 100 influential bloggers, celebrities and press, we only allow 20 handpicked brands to attend each event, to maximise and indulge on this opportunity.

In a world where social media influence is a big part of marketing, but also a big expenditure, our events are created with the aim that influencers and brands can connect to explore opportunities together. You can get to know which influencers work for you.
With many influencers and celebrities from past events giving our brands fantastic content, which has then led to strong working relationships, national press and also mass brand exposure, you can see why our events are so popular!

We would love you to come on board as a brand or sponsor and mingle amongst great content, canapes, champers and hugely influential guests. Our team are also on hand to introduce brands to influencers and celebrities that they feel could be mutually beneficial for the influencer, celebrity and brand.

Gaining National press exposure for our brands in publications such as The Daily Mail, New! Ok! Made for Mums, Mirror and connecting brands with “the right fit” influencers, it would be great if we had you on board.

Jessica has an infectious personality, she brings great energy, is fun and easy to work with.  I have worked with Jessica a few times and every single time she brings out the best version of me.

– Kieron Richardson



Our podcast has weekly inspiring and influential guests on that talk about subjects where we give NO FOX. From building seven figure businesses to meeting our spirit guides. 

We cover topics such as Spirituality, business, parenthood, media and everything in between. 

If you would like to be a guest or sponsor one of our podcast then….


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What everyone is saying...

Jessica created a gorgeous  event and i had a great evening and a great time. Looking forward to being part of more in the future.

- Jessica Wright 

Jessica has an infectious personality, she brings a great energy, is fun and easy to work with.  I have worked with Jessica a few times and every single time she brings out the best version of me.

- Kieron Richardson

Jessica is a very special person, and a very capable business woman and mother.  I feel we have made a very special connection. We totally understand and get one another. I hope we have a very long and beautiful friendship.

- Maggie Oliver

A massive thank you to Jess for her recent social media workshop support! Jess was an inspirational speaker at our ‘Ambitions’ Programme induction week, advising year 1 College students about the importance of managing your social media profile, and how social media can help you get in touch with employers and source jobs.

Jess’s energy had our students engaged throughout the sessions, and we look forward to inviting her in soon to follow up as the programme progresses.

She even created a short video for students that introduced an ‘Apprentice’ focused team building task. Thanks Jess, and good luck with everything.

– Phil Ashton, Burnley College

Jess was professional, good fun, and easy to work with. I would definitely  work together again.

- Ant Middleton 

Jess is so much fun to work with, she puts you at ease and makes you feel like you have known her for years.

- Josie Gibson

Where to start? Since day one of meeting Jess after being recommended to her through another client, I honestly can't say enough about her. As mad as she is, it's all in a positive manner. She is buzzing daily and really makes you feel on top form. She literally is always available and very helpful in every sense. The team she presented me with has increased every part of my business, through getting me followers, driving traffic and also bringing good contacts my way.  I honestly wouldn't be where I am today, and progressing as well as I am, without the support of Jess. Just wanna say thank you, and I would honestly recommend her to anyone. Looking forward to a long working relationship.

- Andrew, Director, TT Fitnesswear

This girl is an explosion of positivity and energy, a total motivator for all of us out there who have sucked into the drain of the mundane!!

She has the wit and determination to turn life around again...she is a pleasure to work alongside and a faithful friend.

- Jenny Powell

I have been to quite a few of Jessica's beautifully created events and spent time with Jessica on a personal and professional level. She is fabulous, inclusive and eloquent. It is always a pleasure spending time with her, I am always left feeling energised and inspired.

- Tonia Buxton

Since working with Jess, we have enjoyed a fantastic service. Not only is the service hands on, Jess herself is full of energy and always updating you with the latest progress and news. We have seen a great return of our investment and have received new leads, recently signing up over ten new clients to our adult courses. Our social media has gone from strength to strength, attracting the interests of both celebrities and industry experts. I couldn't recommend Jess enough. Professional, enthusiastic and results driven, since engaging their services our business has never been in a stronger position

- Alex Frost, Aspire Education

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